Introducing the Sustainable Core (Now Open for Fall 2012 Registration at Pratt)

As I mentioned last spring, I have moved to the Pratt Institute to develop and teach sustainability courses, specifically the introductory Sustainable Core class. The goal is to provide students a broad overview of sustainability problems, concerns, values, and approaches that a) might lead them to consider related coursework and b) give them valuable perspective to bring to their futures regardless of career path.

I am pleased to announce that the initial offering, 12/FA-SUST-201P-01 The Sustainable Core, is now available for registration. There are no prerequisites, and the course is intended for any Pratt undergraduate (no matter your career path or major) wishing to understand more about sustainability.

I will, with the help of several other faculty members, teach SUST 201P Mondays from 9:30am-12:20pm starting August 27. Any students with questions about the course should feel free to contact me at my Pratt email (czimring at Pratt dot edu).

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