Coming to Pratt Spring 2013: Power, Pollution, and Profit

Why was the Fisk Power Plant open so long in Chicago? Why did it close? These are some of the questions we’ll discuss in Power, Pollution, & Profit.

Following the initial offering of SUST 201 The Sustainable Core, I’m debuting a new course at Pratt for spring semester.  SS 490-03 Power, Pollution, and Profit, while it has no prerequisites, is a more advanced seminar focusing on the types of energy (fossil fuels, renewables, nuclear) used in modern society.  Here’s a quick summary:

SS 490-03 Power, Pollution, and Profit
Modern society relies on burning fossil fuel for energy, with serious economic, public health, and environmental consequences. Learn the history of how we came to rely on unsustainable energy sources and ways in which our future use of energy may be made mode sustainable.

Spring 2013: Wednesdays EDIT: Mondays, 9:30am-12:20pm.

The reading list is still coming together (and may evolve as New York determines what — if any — fracking will be done upstate), but expect historical, contemporary, and forecasting readings from sources ranging from historian Martin Melosi to Rocky Mountain Institute founder Amory Lovins.

Registration is limited to 15 students, and I am happy to answer any questions curious students may have about using SS 490-03 for elective credit, readings, course expectations, or any other details.

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