Recycling Cans Come to Pratt Institute Tuesday

The Pratt Envirolutions student group has succeeded in getting several recycle-only cans distributed on the grounds of the Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn campus. On Tuesday at 4pm in front of the Engineering Building, President Thomas Schutte will oversee a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the unveiling of the new cans.

Recycling is an effective and economical way of diverting materials out of landfills and into production. The activity comprises an important part of next spring’s SS 490-27 course, Production, Consumption, and Waste.  Here’s a quick summary:

SS 490-27 Production, Consumption, and Waste
What happens to the trash we toss in dumpsters?  How do we determine what waste is, and why do we make so much of it?  Learn about the environmental and social consequences of mass production and disposal (past and present), and ways to make the waste stream safer.

Spring 2013: Tuesdays, 9:30am-12:20pm.  3 credit hours.

I will be at the ribbon-cutting ceremony if anyone has questions about the course.

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