Fresh Garbage for Ed Cassidy

EdCassidyThe drummer Ed Cassidy died this week at age 89.  Cassidy’s career was long and varied, including gigs in the fifties with Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Cannonball Adderley, and a stint with Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder in the Rising Sons one decade later.  He is most famous for founding and playing in Spirit with his stepson Randy California.

The first song on the first, eponymous Spirit album is “Fresh Garbage.”  If there is a theme song for my career, “Fresh Garbage” is it.  Written by singer Jay Ferguson, the lyrics are to the point:

Look beneath your lid some morning,
See those things you didn’t quite consume-
The world’s a can for your fresh garbage

While plenty of songs reference waste, pollution, and the dirty work required to keep homes and neighborhoods clean, “Fresh Garbage” is as pithy as it gets.  That’s one reason why the song was the inspiration for one of my WRCT shows fifteen years ago. Another reason is it is so catchy.  Anyway, to remember the long career of Ed Cassidy, here’s a link to that first track on Spirit.


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