“Reimagining Consumption” at Hello Etsy

hello_etsy_2013Hello Etsy at Pratt: Reimagine the Marketplace is a conference at Pratt  March 22-24 that will include talks and workshops to (as the people at Etsy put it) “empower independent, creative business owners (and those who soon will be) to explore new methods of production, new patterns of consumption, and more lasting and purposeful ways of working. It’s about building the creative economy of the future — one that is connected, human-scaled, joyful, and lasting.”

Etsy reached out to Pratt to brainstorm possible speakers, and the resulting lineup reflects that input.

Appealing to thinkers and doers alike, Hello Etsy at Pratt will include high profile speakers like Jeremy Rifkin, Robin Chase, Chris Anderson, Stewart Wallis, Laurie Santos, Rachel Chong, Alex Blumberg, Rasanath Das, Michelle Long, Charles Eisenstein, Majora Carter, Michael Carroll, Dr. Thomas Schutte, and Chad Dickerson, as well as workshops that will offer entirely unique experiences in an atmosphere of inspired thinking.

I will moderate the discussion “Reimagining Consumption” on Sunday morning, March 24.  For more about the conference, including ticketing, visit Etsy’s post about it.

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