Upcycling Aluminum Presentation at SHOT 2013 in Maine

Charles and Ray Eames design an aluminum chair.  Part of my talk for SHOT scheduled for this October.

Ray and Charles Eames design an aluminum chair. Part of my talk for SHOT scheduled for this October.

The Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) has released the preliminary schedule for the October 2013 meeting in Portland, Maine. (Link opens PDF.)  I am scheduled to be part of the “Salvage: Reuse and Repurposing in the History of Technology ” panel Friday morning, discussing the history of upcycling in general and the example of aluminum reuse in particular.  Thanks to Hanna Rose Shell for organizing the panel, and for getting Finn Arne Jørgensen, David Luckso, and myself on board as presenters with her.

About thirteen years ago, a group of SHOT members established a special interest group within the society called Envirotech in order to discuss the relationships between technology and the environment over time.  This panel is but one of many that are relevant to Envirotech discussions, including ones on risk perception, public health, food sciences, resource geopolitics, and more.  Envirotech regularly meets and organizes panels for SHOT and the American Society for Environmental History (ASEH) meetings, and they invariably produce engaging, interdisciplinary discussions.  I look forward to this fall’s talks, lamenting only those that I invariably cannot attend due to schedule conflicts.

For more information on SHOT, visit the society’s website.  For news on the Envirotech group and its members, see the blog on its websiteThe 2013 SHOT meeting will be held October 10-13 in Portland, Maine.

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