The Sustainable Core Begins August 26

August has arrived, and the end of the month brings with it a new academic year at the Pratt Institute.  On August 26, the fall 2013 version of SUST 201 (The Sustainable Core) begins.  SUST 201 is the required core course in Pratt’s new Sustainability Studies minor.  It is also an overview of key sustainability concepts, and preview of themes explored in upper division courses.  I’ll be teaching the class, with participation from several experts in the Pratt community who will share their knowledge on ecology and climate change, toxins, green architecture, plastics and the waste stream, life-cycle analyses, academic resources for sustainability research, and more.  We’ve structured the course so it will be of value to architects, industrial designers, fashion designers, poets, philosophers and more.  The course is open to any undergraduate who is interested in investigating the ways in which society and ecosystems interact, and how those relationships might improve in the future.

When the course was added to the permanent undergraduate catalog this summer, we expanded its capacity.  Seats are available.  If you are a Pratt undergraduate interested in taking SUST 201, speak with your advisor.  If you have questions about the course, please feel free to contact me.

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