New Book on History of Waste Management of Great Britain and Germany

BusinessofWasteSeveral books on the history of waste and urban environments have been released over the past few months, some of which will be formally reviewed by me in journals. One that will not deserves mention. Cambridge University Press has just published The Business of Waste: Great Britain and Germany, 1945 to the Present by Ray Stokes, Roman Köster, and Stephen Sambrook of the University of Glasgow. It’s a terrific comparative history, and a valuable contribution to the field. I had the opportunity to read the manuscript, and I stand by the comment the press is using on the dustcover.

The Business of Waste advances our understanding of the history of waste management in the United Kingdom and Germany in the postwar period. Stokes, Köster, and Sambrook give systematic attention to how municipal refuse and salvage operations evolved in both nations. This book is an important comparative history on waste management and valuable context for the success of zero-waste initiatives.”

If you have access to the Encyclopedia of Consumption and Waste, you can read the stellar entry on Great Britain that Stokes and Sambrook wrote. It serves as a preview of this excellent book.

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