The Sustainable Core at Pratt

This spring, I am leading a team of Pratt Institute faculty teaching the fourth offering of SUST 201-01 The Sustainable Core.  This 3-credit course meets Mondays from 2 to 4:50pm.  SUST 201 is designed as our introduction to sustainability, is the required core course for Pratt’s Sustainability Studies minor, and is an excellent way to get familiar with the many ways sustainability is practiced at Pratt.

If you are interested in examining the relationships between humans and the Earth, the consequences of our energy sources, determining what is toxic and how it can be detected, strategies for green architecture, strategies for green industry, assessment of environmental policy, and ecotopian literature (all with the aid of resident expert practitioners), consider enrolling in SUST 201.

In addition to being required for all students seeking the Sustainability Studies minor, SUST 201 may count as a Social Science or Philosophy elective, and there are no prerequisites to enroll. If you are a Pratt student and have any questions for me about SUST 201 (or about the Sustainability Studies minor), please feel free to contact me at

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