Chicagoans! Don’t Trash Your Christmas Trees!

The city has expanded recycling pickup service to more single-family dwellings.

The city has expanded recycling pickup service to more single-family dwellings.  Now Streets & Sanitation works on encouraging the people who have Blue Carts how to properly use them to divert more materials from landfills.

This week, the City of Chicago sent out a message to local recycling block captains  publicizing the expanded Blue Cart service. Here is the message from Streets & Sanitation Director of Public Affairs Molly Poppe:

The Department of Streets and Sanitation recently launched a public outreach campaign to encourage Chicagoans to participate in the Blue Cart Recycling program and further educate residents on the importance of recycling. As part of our campaign, we are:

· Engaging directly with young people and parents through our partnership with Chicago Public Schools
· Working with Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council to promote recycling across Chicago through the “Give Your Garbage Another Life” public service campaign
· Utilizing advertising space on CTA trains and buses, Big Belly refuse and recycling containers, bus shelters, recycling trucks, and space within Chicago Public Libraries and other public areas to remind residents to give their garbage another life by recycling
· Promoting Blue Cart Residential Recycling throughout the month of December and January on Clear Channel radio
· Launching the annual Christmas tree recycling program on Saturday, January 4, 2014. All 23 Christmas tree recycling locations along with further details on the program can be found at:

The campaign has improved awareness around recycling, but we need your help to continue to spread the word about recycling and the Blue Cart program to your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

To help you right now in outreach to your community, please find attached the NEW BlueCart Recycling Schedule 2014 and Christmas Tree Recycling Flyer 2013-2014 flyers. (Links open PDFs.) The 2014 calendar is available online at and is divided by recycling zone to allow residents to further pinpoint their collection week schedule.

We are open to ideas for how to promote recycling in communities and would be happy to supply materials and/or help facilitate an upcoming event. Keep in mind the holiday season is a good time to remind friends and family to recycle.

I’m pleased to see the city provide these resources during the Christmas season, and hope that these efforts contribute to a higher recycling rate. The Chicago Recycling Coalition (disclosure: I’m on the board of directors) has collected resources on local recycling and waste minimization activities, and continues to press the city to ensure all Chicagoans (including those in multi-unit dwellings) have access to recycling services.

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