Participate in PlaNYC’s Survey On What New York City Should Do Next

The chance to implement sustainable social and environmental practices in municipal policy is one of the benefits of living in New York City. Right now, NYC is reaching out about ways to revise its planning:

Every four years, New York City writes a plan to help chart our course as a city. This year we are providing a forum for all New Yorkers to join us in this important process. Leave your mark on the future of New York City by sharing your ideas for how we move forward.

You can participate in the survey here.

A few possible resources to consult:
If you’re concerned about the city’s carbon footprint, you can consult the Urban Green Council’s plan to reduce emissions beyond the city’s own plan.
If you’re concerned about how the city’s working-class residents are or are not served by the existing built environment and services, a possible design model is MacArthur Fellow Rick Lowe’s approach. (Note: My response to the city involved this approach.)
If you’d like the city to enact Zero Waste approaches to solid waste (ranging from single-use packaging restrictions to citywide composting of organics), the case studies at Zero Waste Europe may be useful.

The survey is open-ended enough to include a broad set of concerns ranging from incarceration to affordable housing. Broad responses will give the city a better idea of what its residents value as it makes its new plan, so I encourage residents to participate.

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