“Mitigation, Adaptation, Resiliency” for Pratt’s Green Week 2015

crash-courseEvery spring, Pratt hosts a Green Week, with lectures, activities, discussions, and events about environmental themes in teaching, activism, design, art, and pretty much everything we study at this school. Green Week 2015 has commenced under the theme “Mitigation, Adaptation, Resiliency,” and you can open a schedule of activities here.

Three events of particular relevance to the Sustainability Studies program include Saturday’s Sustainability Crash Course, the Sustainability Minor display at Pratt Library all week, and an information session about the minor I’ll lead in North Hall 307 Wednesday afternoon from 2-4pm.

If you have questions about the minor, the video display on the library’s first floor has basic information about courses, registration, contact information of the coordinator (me) and a few photographs of student work and activities in our classes. If you would like to learn more, or simply have a conversation about the minor, drop by North Hall 307 Wednesday afternoon and speak with me.

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