Monthly Archives: October 2016

The end of a book.

It may be my training in history, or my love for a well-written obituary, but when I get deep into writing a book I start thinking about how close to a finished product the book would be if I got hit by a truck today.

“Is this pretty much in shape so readers will have a good idea of what I was trying to do?”

“Could an editor clean up what remains? What do I want to change?”

This week, those morbid questions are put to rest on Aluminum Upcycled. I have corrected the proofs and approved the index. Images are in place, as is the cover. Whatever trucks have in store, this book is as I intended it. Thanks to all at Johns Hopkins University Press as they prepare Aluminum Upcycled for 2017 publication.


Return to Bubbly Creek (UHA Chicago, October 2016)

conferenceThe Urban History Association meets in Chicago this month, so what better place to discussion the urban environment of Chicago? I’ll be participating in a roundtable discussing Dominic Pacyga’s recent book Slaughter House: Chicago’s Union Stock Yard and the World It Made.

The area in question involves the “great open sewer” of Bubbly Creek. My colleague in urban environmental experiences Mike Bryson and I have written about Bubbly Creek in the past and it is a safe bet that I’ll bring that waterway up during our discussion.