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Knowledge@Wharton Business Radio Interview On NYC Styrofoam Ban

Wednesday morning, Dan Loney of the Knowledge@Wharton show spoke to me about the implications of New York City’s new styrofoam ban. SiriusXM listeners can find Knowledge@Wharton on Channel 111, and I am told the episode will be available for the next few days.


BackStory Podcast on History of Waste

backstory-logoLast winter, Brian Balogh of the BackStory podcast interviewed me for an episode on the history of waste. Now, the episode (including that interview as well as ones with fellow waste scholars Robin Nagle, Catherine McNeur, Brett Mizelle, Bart Elmore, and David Sklansky as well as recycling logo designer Gary Anderson) is available to hear.

If you’re curious about my family’s story as it relates to this history (and also want to hear my voice decay), click the link, as the American History Guys chose to use the part where I discuss what prompted me to write Cash for Your Trash (and much of that book’s second and third chapters).

Brian Balogh also gets an egregious pun (and my reaction to said pun) onto the podcast.

Distillations Podcast: “Trash Talk: The Persistence of Waste”

CHFlogoRecently, I spent an afternoon discussing various aspects of waste past and present with the Chemical Heritage Foundation’s Michal Meyer and Bob Kenworthy for their Distillations podcast. The episode is now complete. Listen or download to iTunes here.

Thanks to Michal and Bob, as well as Mariel Carr for producing and David Barnes for suggesting me as a guest.

MetalTheft.Net Interview

Kevin Whiteacre, Director of the Community Research Center and Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology at the University of Indianapolis, runs a website called MetalTheft.Net that “aims to identify and provide high quality, scholarly, professional, and publicly available literature on metal theft” through articles and interviews. Recently, he interviewed me on the history of metal theft, and our conversation is now available online.